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Why Jackson County for Airbus Suppliers?

Proximity to Brookley Field and Airbus Manufacturing Facility

About 30 minutes by Interstate 10, with quick access by rail and airport sites available, Jackson County is well-positioned to support aviation manufacturing and supply facilities.

Jackson County's Advantages

Jackson County, MS is known for its strategic public/private partnerships that form its successful industrial and business environment.

Education and Workforce Training

Education and workforce training programs abound in Jackson County and the region. From specialty engineering to manufacturing, Jackson County is ideal for employers wanting skilled talent with abundant training resources. 


About Airbus

The Airbus mission is to meet the needs of airlines and operators by producing the most modern and comprehensive aircraft family on the market, complemented by the highest standard of product support.
Airbus fosters values of excellence and innovation among its culturally-diverse employees and considers its customers, contractors and suppliers to be partners working in the interests of safety, quality and performance.
Airbus develops a new aircraft, like the A380, only in response to market needs and in close consultation with airlines and operators, suppliers and aviation authorities.
The company's philosophy is always to listen to its customers and to maintain its vision -- the forward thinking which has placed Airbus at the forefront of the industry. Nothing is taken for granted.
Airbus develops a clear empathy with its customers, encouraging a two-way flow of views, ideas and technical feedback on its aircraft in service around the world.
Airlines and their passengers know that an Airbus aircraft is the product of an high-performance company which builds the safest, most reliable and best performing aircraft possible.

With its new faciilty in Mobile, Alabama, only minutes away, Airbus, its suppliers and Jackson County, Mississippi are destined to become partners in success. Jackson County's clear advantage of location, incentives, technology, workforce and training will be a natural choice as the Airbus family grows. We welcome Airbus to the Gulf Coast Aerospace Corridor!